How to make an offer?

The requirements for business offers, which are sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic representations of the Republic of Belarus with a request for assistance in promoting products and services for export and searching foreign partners (potential buyers of Belarusian products):

1. The application from a company with a request for assistance in promoting products and services for export and searching foreign partners (potential buyers of Belarusian products) should be prepared in the form of a commercial offer.

2. The commercial offer is to be sent by e-mail with the possibility to edit the file.

3. The commercial offer should be prepared in Russian (for the CIS country) or in the foreign languages in question (for the non-CIS countries). In case of sending an offer to a country with a rare language, it should be made in English.

4. The commercial offer must contain the following information about the product:

  • the sphere of practical use of the product (sectors of the economy, specialization of potential importers);
  • description of production (a color image, a trademark, the detailed commodity code, the article, technical specifications, the name of the material, the barcode, the weight and size, quantity in а package);
  • product's compliance with the requirements of international and European standards, availability of the international certificates of quality;
  • feasibility of warranty and technical maintenance of the production abroad; 
  • the advantages over foreign analogues;
  • the base price, the basis of pricing (FOB, CIF, etc.), possible discounts and terms for getting a discount;
  • terms of delivery (minimum — maximum consignment, transportation, storage);
  • terms of sale (direct negotiations, tenders, sales through the stock exchange);

5. The commercial offer must also contain information about a commercial company:

  • address of the company and contact details (phone, fax, email and website, names and positions of the workers concerned);

It is necessary to specify contact information of the company's management and persons speaking the corresponding foreign languages, as far as potential foreign partners are focused on making direct business contacts.

  • brief information about the manufacturer, links to the website with the description of the products, including in a foreign language.

6. When a commercial company sends an offer with a request for assistance in the promoting products and services for export and searching foreign partners (potential buyers of Belarusian products and services) in addition to the commercial offer it should provide information about the results of a self-made marketing research of foreign markets:

  • the list of countries which are potential markets for products and services, as well as information about already present counterparts in these markets and the experience of cooperation with them;
  • brief information about the preliminary-marketing study of the offer (the sources of information used, the foreign partners with whom the offer was worked out, results of the study, reasons for refusal of the foreign partner to cooperate and other useful information);
  • competitive advantage of the Belarusian products that are offered in comparison with foreign analogues.

7. It is also desirable for a commercial company to provide positive examples of cooperation in foreign markets, information on contacts with the major foreign partners and other information that could be useful for trade and economic services of diplomatic representations in promotion of exports of the company's products and services.

8. When supplying advanced technology products it is useful to indicate where this product has already being used (in case of the request for assistance in promoting production in a particular country or region).

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Diplomatic representations of the Republic of Belarus shall not consider the commercial offers that do not meet these requirements.