The advertising-information journal is intended for presentation of the export potential of Belarusian organizations and the Republic of Belarus as a whole in foreign markets.

Each edition of the journal is timed for participation of Belarus in major economic events abroad.

Placing of information in the journal «Export of Belarus» is a simple and sustainable way of communicating information about companies, their goods and services to the target customers all over the world with maximum efficiency.







Information and analytical journal «Market Conditions» is published with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus in order to provide assistance for Belarusian exporters in their activities in foreign markets.

The journal is useful for the enterprises interested in gaining exclusive analytical information about foreign markets, the opportunities to enter these markets, the promising types of goods and services, successfully implemented projects and scheduled international business events.

Each edition of the journal is topic-based and contains selection of information and analytical articles about a particular country or any region of the world.




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